Three Simple but Charming Bungalow Designs with Three Bedrooms

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There are a lot factors to consider when buying or building a house.  One of them is how many levels should your house have: one-storey or double-storey?  The other one is how many rooms should you have then what type of roof would you install and the like.  One concern comes up after the other.  Sometimes these concerns make it a little tricky for us to choose. Eventually, you will have to decide because you cannot just go on indecisive.

Well, to help you decide on how many levels to build, we will be giving you the advantages of building a single-storey house here in this article.  Then the next article we will talk about the double-storey house designs. 

One advantage of a single-storey is that there is less noise compared to a double-storey.  Just imagine your bedroom located directly above a living room or close to the stairs.  The sound from the people talking in the living room or the sound from the television and the sound people make when they go up and down the stairs could travel to your room making it very difficult to sleep for the occupant of the room or disturbing them when they are reading or studying.

The layout of this house design is perfect.  It has a spacious carport that can accommodate two cars, a porch, a living room and a dining room in a free-flowing space, three bedrooms situated perfectly, a kitchen, and two toilets and baths.

Another benefit of a one-storey house is its flexibility.  Since all the rooms and areas of a house are located on one level, the layout can be remodeled or modified to create a more relaxing space.

Since there are no staircases, children and old members of the family are secured from falling down the stairs.  And, in case of emergency fire, it is easier for the family members to evacuate.


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  1. Hey there, i really love the design of the house above. Would really love to see the floor plan. Thank you

  2. hello,i wanted a design of a simple two bedroom house,juz a local one,with a bathroom and a kitchen inside and not that big,material to build will be darugo

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