3-bedroom Duplex Two Storey House

3-bedroom Duplex Two Storey House
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We present you an interesting house from the collection: designs of two-family houses that will provide residents with exceptional comfort, resulting from the use of an interior with two full storeys.

A modern, finished, simple block is crowned with a roof with wide eaves. The element that draws attention is the horizontal rustication on the façade and the elegant combination of light plaster with wood-colored woodwork. The whole creates an effective composition.

Numerous glazing perfectly illuminate the interior of the house and open an attractive view of the garden. Designed on the front elevation, two entrances to independent premises have been withdrawn in relation to the main line of the building, thanks to which a secluded entrance zone was created.

The premises in the building have an analogous functional layout. The ground floor is an open living area, in which the living room and dining room smoothly connect with the terrace and garden. The kitchen space has been clearly separated, has a long worktop and conveniently arranged functions.

Near the vestibule there is a toilet with space for a gas stove. In the attic area, four bright and regular rooms have been designed, the largest of them is the parents’ bedroom. Each room has direct access to the balcony and enough space for wardrobes. Located on the axis of the stairs, the bathroom, in addition to a corner bathtub, also has a shower. “Villa Amelia (R2)” belongs to the category: it also has a shower.

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