Three-Storey Narrow Lot House Concept

Three-Storey Narrow Lot House Concept
Three-Storey Narrow Lot House Concept
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If you are looking for a unique house, this is the plan for you. This modern three-storey house has a distinctive shape. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a large garage.

This home also has an open terrace for relaxation or it can also be converted into a family hall or another bedroom. This terrace is ideal for weekend or holiday activities like barbecue parties, weekend board games or get-together.

This home is also fully customizable. It can be changed from four bedrooms to three. Since the open terrace can be converted, it can serve as another bedroom for the guests as well.

Here is the floor plan of the house:




Upon entering the entryway from the garage, you can immediately see the spacious living room, the dining room, and the kitchen on the ground floor. All three areas are combined, with no divisions or walls, to maximize the space and make it look bigger. A common toilet is also located in the ground floor area.

The first and second floors are the relaxation areas. There are two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on each floor. Each room also has access to the terrace and has a built-in closet, an entertainment cabinet, and a work desk or dresser.

The Master’s Bedroom can be found on the second floor. It has all the facilities in the other bedrooms too. Although it has the same size as the other rooms of the house, the difference lies on the bathroom. Instead of a normal en-suite bathroom which has showers, the Master’s Bedroom has a provision for a bathtub too.

How do you find this three-storey house? What are the facilities and other things that you are looking for when choosing your future home?

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