Modern House Design with Four Bedrooms

Modern House Design
Modern House Design
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Maintaining a big and luxurious house can be difficult, especially if you are working on a budget yet you still want your future home to have a modern style.

But don’t worry, Ulric Homes have a house plan that can fit your criteria for an ideal home. This modern house design has a style focused on space, with every square inch providing value for your buck.


This two story house’s exterior structure is painted in white hue, with a wall made with bricks serving as an accent wall. The clean white color also gives the whole house a futuristic yet minimalistic dimension. A glass wall from the first to the second floor reflects the living area and family hall.

There is a spacious garage, which can fit two cars. This two story house also has a provision for a lanai.

This modern style house consists of three bedrooms, a Master’s Bedroom, three bathrooms, a dining hall, a kitchen, a balcony, a lanai, and a mini bar.

Take a look at the floor plan of this modern house:

Upon entering the house from the main door, you will see the living room. This living room is open from the second floor.

From the living room is the combined kitchen and dining area. To separate the eating area from the cooking area, a mini bar is made. If there’s a need for additional place, the dining room also has a separate door for the lanai while the kitchen has an outdoor or dirty kitchen with bar.

There is also a bedroom, which can be used as a guest room and a common toilet and bath.

The second floor houses the bedrooms of the house. There are two bedrooms and a Master’s Bedroom with attached toilet and bath. The family can also make use of the family hall, with access to the balcony.

What can you say about this luxurious house plan? Did it fit your criteria for your future home?

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  1. What is the total floor and lot area of this concept? How much does it cost and how many months to construct? Thanks.

  2. will this fit in 218sqm – 14mx15.5m lot area?
    can send me dimentions?
    and how to purchase this floor plan?
    and how much?

  3. What is the floor area?
    Do you have estimated figures like for semi furnished and fully furnish price?
    will this fit in a 218sqm lot area?can you send me dimentions?

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