Bare Finish Wall Multi-level Home Design

Multi-level Home Design
Multi-level Home Design
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Multi-level home design is perfect for lots on low-lying areas or flood-prone areas. With its elevated feature, you can be sure that you are safe from flooding which is a very important concern when building your house these days.

With the ever changing weather condition, rains are harsher today than before due to climate change. Designs of houses are also changing to cope with the harsh weather condition and this multi-level home design is a very good example.

With the garage on the finish grade level only, the reason for this is that cars are movable so you can safely transfer them to a higher place. With 8 steps before reaching the porch or terrace, this is almost 1.2 meters high from the ground and can safely say that when a flood water rising 1 meter from the ground would still be okay.

On the ground floor, you can see the garage which can accommodate one car. Opening the main entrance is the living area, and and office room with an option to convert this to a guest room. Dining and kitchen together with the common bathroom is leveled on the garage floor.

On the upper floor, before reaching the 2 bedrooms; the floor is elevated with 6 steps which is approximately 0.9 meters from the living room floor. These two bedrooms are 4 meters by 4 meters each and in between is a common toilet and bath.

In today’s ever changing weather condition and climate change, we must learn to adopt not only ourselves but also our homes. we need to design them in such a way that they will withstand harsh conditions such as strong winds and heavy downpour in time of typhoons.

Fell free to use this Multi-level Home Design for your future house and take advantage of the features that it can offer you.

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