Modern Loft-Style 3-Bedroom Multi-Storey House Plan

multi-storey house
The exterior of this multi-storey house has a clean and minimalist facade, complete with gray and brick walls finish and red tile roofing.
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Many home seeks are always looking for houses that can provide them with comfort. For a lot of people, having a smaller one storey home may not be enough, especially if there are more occupants or if they want more liveable space. If having a luxurious, bigger house is your ideal home, a multi-storey house plan like this house plan for today is one of the top choices.

This multi-storey house plan has all the amenities and special features that your family needs in a 160 square meters living space. It’s a modern loft style house with a half floor. It has a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a lobby and balcony, a kitchen, and a dining area.

The exterior of this house has a clean and minimalist facade, complete with gray and brick walls finish and red tile roofing. The entryway and the 2-car garage are covered by the second floor.

All the living spaces in this multi-storey house plan are on the first floor. From the porch, you will find the living room. The highlight of this reception area is the high ceiling, with a ceiling height of 4.5 meters.

You can access the spacious kitchen from the living room with a flight of stairs. The kitchen and the dining hall are combined, to maximize the space. The first common bathroom is also located from the cooking area. There is also a secondary entry door which will lead you to the garage.

The second floor is where all the bedrooms are located. Upon reaching this floor, you will be greeted by the second common bathroom.

There are two smaller bedrooms and a much bigger Master’s Bedroom. The two smaller bedrooms are spacious enough to fit a full-size bed, a built-in cabinet, and an entertainment wall.

The Master’s Suite comes with an attached toilet and bath. It has enough space to fit built-in cabinets (that you can convert into a mini walk-in closet).

Here’s the floor plan of this multi-storey house here:

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