Modern Elevated Two-Bedroom One Storey House

one storey house
One of the unique features of this one storey house is the basement.
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Having a house that you can call your own brings an incomparable feeling. Nothing beats that after a long day of work, you can come home to your humble adobe. However, once you start to choose which house you want, you also need to think about the overall look, the number of rooms, how big, and the different aspects of your future home.

Take this one storey house into consideration. This house has two bedrooms, two toilet and bath, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a garage.

The elevated feature of this design is advantageous, especially if you are living in a low lying area where frequent flooding is a problem. Since the main floor is elevated, you are assured that the house, along with the occupants, appliance, and furniture, are safe in case the flood arise.

One of the unique features of this one storey house is the basement. The basement can be used as a garage. But other than that, if you are in need of a more liveable space, this part can also be used as an extra bedroom for the other members of the family.

From the main entryway, you will immediately see the spacious living room. You have an option for this: You can extend the living room to accommodate more guests or you can also combine the living room with the dining room. The kitchen is separated from other parts of the house with a glass door. The first common toilet and bath can also be accessed from the kitchen.

To offer more privacy, the two bedrooms are elevated from the main floor. The rooms have their own built-in cabinets and have access to the second common bathroom.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:


This one storey house may not be as large as a mansion yet it provides ample space for the members of the family to move around.

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