Modern Style Three-Bedroom Two Storey House

two storey house
This two storey house is inspired by a simple and modern design.
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There are many things to consider when building a house, and that includes choosing between a single or two storey house. Your budget, your lifestyle choices, and land suitability contributes towards the decision you will ultimately make.

Compared with a single storey house, a two storey house is more expensive. However, it provides additional privacy for the different members of the family. Since the floor space is bigger than a single storey home, there are more rooms that can accommodate a bigger family.

The total floor area of this two storey house is 148.60 square meters and has two bedrooms, a Master Bedroom, a guest room, a Maid’s Room, four toilet and baths, a living area, a dining room, and a kitchen. Since this modern style house is designed as a single detached home, the required minimum lot size is 100 square meters.

The elegant look of this two storey house is inspired by a simple and modern design. It combines natural colors such as mold green, cream, and brown. Wooden and brick accent walls are also added to add more depth.

The garage is designed to accommodate up to two cars. From the main door is the spacious living area. To maximize the space in the ground floor, the kitchen and dining areas are combined. A service area can also be accessed from the kitchen.

One of the unique features of this two storey house is the availability of two extra rooms: A smaller bedroom that can be used as a Guest Room and a Maid’s Room with attached bathroom. If not needed, these two rooms can be combined to make a much bigger bedroom.

The second floor is where all the other bedrooms are located. There are two bedrooms and a Master Bedroom with en-suite toilet and bath. All bedrooms have their own built-in closet. The Master Bedroom also has access to the balcony.

Overall, this two storey house is ideal for a bigger family. Thanks to the availability of many bedrooms, the family have more space to relax.



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