Modern Two-bedroom Bungalow with a View Deck

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There are endless considerations when choosing a house.  But the first to consider before anything else, of course, is the budget. Is your budget sufficient for the kind of house you want? After addressing this concern, you may proceed to other considerations like the location, neighborhood, proximity to the market or your workplace or your children’s school or to a hospital, and the like.

To help you address your concern about the budget, we may suggest that you consider a bungalow.  We had been featuring different designs of bungalows here in this websites and in other websites, as well, you may also want to check them out. You can find the hyperlinks at the end of this article.

This house that is featured in this post is a modern bungalow. So,  today, we will be taking some time, again, to talk about the benefits of a bungalow. 

According to this article, the Bungalow originated in the Bengal region of South Asia. The term Bungalow originated from the Hindi term Bengali, meaning “house of the Bengal style.” English colonialists in the 1870s borrowed elements of houses from the Bengal region like the porch, small rooms and the low roofline, and brought these design concepts back to England.

After some time, this home style gained popularity around the globe with transformations. Each country where it gained popularity has its own characteristics what a bungalow is. With few modern touches, the bungalow can evolve into a luxurious and sophisticated home that everyone envies.


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