One Storey Concept Home with 3 Bedrooms

One Storey Concept Home
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One Storey Concept Home featured today has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath. The total floor area of this house is 114.8 square meters that can be built in a lot with 220 square meters. elevated with 3 steps, this concept home is also safe from low floods of about 0.60 meters from the ground level.

Garage is optional with this house as it can be attached to the main house or separated. Front facade is very simple, combination of white walls, grey louvers below the ceiling eaves with brown accent walls. Roof design is pitch on one side sloping down to the back of the house. Dark coated aluminum doors and windows gives more illumination to the interior of this home by allowing more light to enter.

With this concept home, your lot should have at least 18 meters frontage and 12.2 meters depth or length. One storey concept homes are the choice of most us due to the high cost of materials. Small one storey house will still be a decent home since all the feature of a complete house are also present…just in a smaller scale.


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  1. Can I see have the overall view of the house including the roof I like the house it simple and unique

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