Modern Living Room Interior Designs Using An Exposed Roof

Exposed Roof
An exposed roof gives your living space a more modern and rustic feel.
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An exposed roof gives the house and the surrounding a unique vibe. The wooden details that an exposed beam have allows the house to embrace a transformation.

One of the grandest design features that you can place in your home is an open ceiling with an exposed roof. It gives the house a warm touch of traditional and modern look.

This creates a large breathable space and an extra ceiling height. It makes the house look brighter. Using an exposed beam can give the home a classy, reclaimed rustic or a futuristic feel.

Living Room Modern Interior With An Exposed Roof Design

One of the most popular space where an exposed roof design is incorporated is a living room. A living area that features wooden beams gives an inspiring and charming traditional vibe. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling can instantly warm up the area and provide a natural yet rustic accent.

If you have an overall white or light colored room, using a dark wooden beam can add warmth and perkiness. The darkness of the wooden beam can strongly strike through the white wood paneled wall and provides a bold and dramatic appearance to the whole area.

Here are exposed roof design ideas you can incorporate in your home.

If you are restoring your old home, adding an exposed beam can give a charming and cozy history to the home. It adds a touch of rusticity to your home, making it warm and welcoming. Whether you are building a new home or you want to incorporate this aesthetic to your already built one, using a wooden exposed roof can do all the magic.

If you want to replicate this look for less, you can install wood trusses built with an arched or straight faux wood. You can also use it side-by-side with counter tops and adjustable shelves to maximise the work space.

Using an exposed roof, especially when using it in a neutral and creamy colored scheme walled room, provides a charming and outstanding ambiance to any home.

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