A Roof Terrace VS A Balcony: What Are The Differences Between The Two?

Roof Terrace
A roof terrace is often decorated with chairs, jacuzzi, and even a pool.
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Having limited or boring space in your house can be made bigger by having a roof terrace or a balcony. Adding a terrace or a balcony can add an average of 12% to the value of an area.

Whether it is a house or a building, a roof terrace or a balcony can be used for similar purposes. They provide an extra usable living space, even outside of the property. A balcony or a terrace defines the space and connects the outdoor area to the indoor space.

But the big question is: What’s the difference between a roof terrace and a balcony? Although these two may look similar, there are significant differences.

Difference Between A Roof Terrace And A Balcony

The Size

The most obvious difference between a terrace and a balcony is the size. In a lot of cases, the former is larger than the latter.

Because of the difference in the size, a terrace can be used for barbecue dinners and parties while a balcony is commonly used for lounging around.

The Building Attachment

Another difference between the two is where they are located with respect to the building they are attached.

A balcony is usually attached to an upper floor space while a roof terrace is used in a patio, flat platform or an area which is used as an outdoor living space.

In a lot of cases, balconies are elevated platforms that are attached to the side of a building or a house. Since balconies are elevated from the ground, they are surrounded by a railing or a wall for additional security or protection.

Modern-day terraces can still provide privacy to your balcony by using a balcony cover. It can also protect you from the rain, the sun or the wind. Other homeowners are putting up a mini garden, even in the middle of the city, for a refreshing and rejuvenating spot in their home.

A Roof Terrace VS A Balcony

A roof terrace is an entirely open space. It can be located on a lower level or on top of the building. Some homeowners install a Jacuzzi or a pool to turn the roof terrace into a beautiful oasis.

A balcony is a lot smaller and it is always attached to a room to provide a separate entrance. It can be made open or enclosed.

Roof Terrace And Balcony House Design

Are you looking to install a terrace or a balcony? Here are some house designs you can incorporate in your home.


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